Time stones

The Time Stones.

The Time Stones first relevance within Satam. Was in the two-part episode in Season 2 called "Blast From The Past". Where the main two protagonists of the show must use a bit of time travel, and try to stop Julian Kintobor before he becomes the tyrannic enemy known to the last bit of Mobian life as "Robotnik". Using the help and knowledge from the Freedom Fighters transportation and team member Dulcy the Dragon. Sonic and Sally hitched a ride up into the high tops of the clouds, and to a Floating Island that housed an ancient structure that was kept with watchful guard by two Stone Gargoyles. After the Sonic and Sally make their way inside the ancient structure, with a little help from Dulcy. They stumble across the Keeper of the Time Stones. Who makes sure the stones will be harnessed wisely by giving out a cryptic "Riddle". Sonic, and Sally with a bit of smarts from the princess unlock the riddle to receive the gift of time travel through Stones. Which have the power to send you back, or forward, through time.