STH Sally Sonic and Tails

Sonic Satam: Right Sally, Middle Sonic and Left Tails.

Team Sonic are the three good team together. Sonic, Sally and Tails with the very good new Team Sonic special guests is Amy, Knuckles and Cream likes to hang out of the Freedom Fighters groups.


The show takes place on a planet called Mobius sometime in the 33rd century (in one episode, "Blast to the Past Pt. 1", it was mentioned the year was 3224, when the characters were just five years old, making the storyline take place in the year 3235, also confirmed in the spin-off Archie comic). An evil scientist named Doctor Robotnik and his pet robot chicken Cluck invaded and conquered a huge city named Mobotropolis, with the help of his assistant and nephew Snively and his army of robot soldiers called Swat-bots. He then used a giant airship called the Destroyer to turn Mobotropolis into a new city, renaming it Robotropolis, a polluted city of factories and warehouses. This invasion occurred on Friday the 13th, 3224, in an unknown month (potentially either September 13, 3224 or December 13, 3224) ("Blast from the Past" Parts 1 and 2).


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