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The Krakken Was Upset That Something Is Polluting His Cave Meanwhile In Knothole Tails And His Buddy Knuckles And Antoine Explain That The Plants Are Dying By Robotnik's Pollution It Rained Then On The Bridge Sonic Sang His Song Way Past Cool On His Gutair Then Sonic Said "Thank You Thank You Thank You Thank You". Shadow Said "Not Bad Sonic Not Bad". Sonic Said "Thanks Shadow You To d Then A Fish Skied With Sonic He Told The Story Of The Fish And Said "And I Tell Ya That Fish Skied For A Hundred Miles Then He Stole My Pole". Rotor Said "Bummer I Was Ready For Some Fish Sticks" Knuckles Said "Yeah I Would Int Eat Fish Sticks Anyway" Tails Said "I Bet It Was Big as A Tree Huh Sonic Maybe Even Big As A House Huh"? Then Sonic Said Patting Him "You Got It Big Guy.

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