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Snively Robotnik
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Full Name Snively Robotnik
Aliases Shrimp Boat, Snoutley, Snootley, Slimely
Species Human
Age 31
Occupation Servant of Robotnik (formerly)
Related To Robotnik
Likes None
Dislikes Robotnik, Freedom Fighters
First Appearance Heads or Tails
Last Appearance The Doomsday Project

Snively Robotnik (voiced by Charlie Adler) is Robotnik's lackey. He is also his nephew. Snively got his nickname for his cowardly nature, usually because he lives and works in constant fear of his merciless uncle. Snively was there on that day when Robotnik conquered Mobotropolis. Of course, he had a full head of hair back then. But then Sonic (from the future) ran past him so fast, the suction from the speed tore off most of his hair, and he held a grudge ever since. Beneath his comical exterior, Snively posesses an intelligence that surpasses Robotnik's. Above all, he hates him and has waited years to be rid of him. During the Doomsday Project episode, Snively tried to correct Robotnik into vanquishing Sonic, but he was having too much fun. So when Sonic and Sally used the Deep Power Stones to demolish the Doomsday tower, the destruction caused Robotnik and Snively to escape. When Robotnik wouldn't let him into his hovercraft, Snively escaped into an elevator. Later, Snively arose from the wreckage, dressed in a purple cape and black gloves, glad that his uncle finally let Sonic defeat him. Now Snively plans to take his place and battle the Freedom Fighters himself, with the help of a mysterious character.


Snively's real name is Colin Kintobor Junior. He was named after his father, who is Julian's older brother.