Sir Charles "Chuck" Hedgehog

Full Name Sir Doctor Charles "Chuck" Hedgehog
Aliases Uncle Chuck, Charlie, Dr. Hedgehog, Sir Charles
Species Hedgehog (Roboticized)
Age 50s
Occupation Professor (formerly)
Robot (formerly)
Spy (currently)
Related To Sonic the Hedgehog
Likes Freedom Fighters
Dislikes Dr. Robotnik, Snively
First Appearance Ultra Sonic
Last Appearance Doomsday

Sir Charles Hedgehog (voiced by William Windom) is not only a brilliant scientist, but he is also Sonic's uncle. Ten years ago, before Dr. Robotnik's takeover, Sir Charles invented the Roboticizer to help the elderly live forever and heal injuries. He was knighted by the king. Little did Charles know, Julian discovered the invention and sabotaged it. So later, when Julian (now Robotnik) put the city under siege, he started roboticizing most of the populace. Sir Charles was the first. He spent ten years laboring mindlessly for the hairless tyrant. Sonic and his friends spotted Sir Charles in Robotropolis and a power ring was used to restore his free will. Sir Charles tells the Freedom Fighters that Robotnik will use a machine called the Dinobot to dig out a large crystal from the crystal mine to power his machinery. After the plot was foiled, Sir Charles was reverted back to his robotic self, so the Freedom Fighters were forced to leave him behind, much to Sonic's dismay. In the second season, Sonic captured Sir Charles, took him to Knothole and put him into the Deroboticizer and turned him back to normal, but he reverted back into his robotic self once again. Later, back in Robotropolis, Sonic used his love to restore his free will once more. Sir Charles decides to stay in Robotropolis to serve as a spy for the Freedom Fighters.