Rotor Walrus
Meet Rotor Satam

Full Name Rotor the Walrus
Aliases Rotor, Rote
Species Walrus
Age Unknown
Occupation Freedom Fighter, inventor
Related To Ro-Becca (creation)
Likes Inventing
Dislikes Robotnik, Snively, Antoin messing up his inventions.
First Appearance
Last Appearance

Rotor Walrus (voiced by Mark Ballou in the first season and Cam Brainard in the second season) is a walrus who is the inventor for the Knothole Freedom Fighters. He rarely ever joins the freedom fighters in their field missions in Robotropolis due to his unskillfulness when it comes to basic combat. He has proven his value, though, by inventing many useful tools for the freedom fighters. Antoine Depardieu often acts as his assistant which occasionally causes an uproar such as the Ro-Becca crisis.


In season one, Rotor was colored a light blue (originally purple) shade and a great difference in height then the other Freedom Fighters. His only attire was a yellow cap worn backwards on his head and a tool belt around his shoulder to waist area with a hammer, occasionally, attached.

He had many design edits in season two, much against the fans' pleasure, and was drawn a bit shorter then before. The most known differences are his cap being red, gloves and boots. The hammer was also removed from the tool belt and he was given brown eyes with thin, black eyebrows above.





  • Rotor was originally nicknamed Boomer early in the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series.
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