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Amy RoseAmy Rose is BackAndroid Sally
Antoine D'epardieuAntoine DepardieuAntoine Gets Brave/Sally's Quest
April WinchellAri the RamBaby T
BadnikBig the CatBilly West
Blast to the Past Part 1Blaze the CatBoulder Bay
Bradley PierceBrandy NorwoodBrian Drummond
Bryce PapenbrookBunnie RabbotBunnie in the pilot episode.
Cam BrainardCastle AcornCat
Caves of No ReturnChaos EmeraldsChaotix
Characters and Voice Cast for Sonic SatAM Season 3Charlie AdlerCharlie Schlatter
Charmy BeeCheetahbotCherami Leigh
Chili DogsChristine CavanaughCloses to Our Hearts
CluckCoconutsCosmo the Seedrian
Crankin' Super SonicCream's Sweet Dream/Puppy LoveCream the Rabbit
Cree SummerCry of the WolfCrystal Cooke
Crystal MineDan CastellanetaDana Hill
Danny MannDark SwampDave Fennoy
David CorbanDavid DoyleDeep Power Stones
Dirk the WarthogDoomsday ProjectDorian Harewood
Dr. Julian RobotnikDragon's NestDrood Henge
Drood Henge (episode)Dulcy (episode)Dulcy the Dragon
E-102 GammaE-123 OmegaElizabeth Daily
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Espio the ChameleonFastest Thing AliveFed up with Antoine/Ghost Busted
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Frank WelkerFreedom FightersGaille Heideman
Game GuyGarry ChalkGopher Highwayman
Great CanyonGreat ForestGreat Jungle
Great MountainsGreat PlainsGreat River
Great SwampGreat UnknownGriff the Goat
Hal RayleHarmonic SonicHeads or Tails
Hooked on SonicsHynden WalchInfinite
Ironlock PrisonIsland of NimbusJack Angel
Jaleel WhiteJason David FrankJason Marsden
Jen TaylorJennifer HaleJim Cummings
Joan GerberJohnJohn Kassir
Johnny Yong BoschKath SoucieKatie Leigh
Keeper of the Time StonesKing Maximillian AcornKnothole Village
Knothole Village CitizensKnuckles at the Angel IslandKnuckles the Echidna
KrakenLake of RingsLazaar
Lazaar's GuardianLazaar's computerLindsay Ridgeway
List of Voice Actors.Lower MobiusLupe the Wolf
Manic the HedgehogMarine the RaccoonMark Ballou
Maurice LaMarcheMcBadgerMega-muck
Messenger DoveMetal SonicMichael Bell
Michael J. FoxMighty the ArmadilloMiles "Tails" Prower
Miles "Tails" Prower/Voice SoundsMobiusMobotropolis
MoleyMomma TMr. Toad
MuttskiNancy LinariNaugus
NicoleNika FuttermanNo-Brainer
OtterPalo and DirkPerci the Bandicoot
Phil HayesPower Ring MachinePower Rings
Power RockPrincess Sally AcornPrincess Sally Acorn/Voice Sounds
Proffesor KirensteinQuill StylerRatty
Ray the Flying SquirrelRexxonRo-Becca
Rob PaulsenRoblox squidwardRoborats
Rosie the WoodchuckRotor The WalrusRouge the Bat
Ryoma HoshiSWATbot commanderSWATbots
SabinaSally's MissionSally in the pilot episode
Scott MenvilleScratch and GrounderShadow the Hedgehog
Shari Belafonte-HarperShredbotSilver the Hedgehog
Singin' the Mobius SongSir Charles "Uncle Chuck" HedgehogSnake Probes
Snively RobotnikSongsSonia the Hedgehog
Sonic's NightmareSonic's Rock StarsSonic's Shack
Sonic BoomSonic ConversionSonic Meet Sticks the Badger
Sonic Past CoolSonic RacerSonic Satam Wiki
Sonic SpinballSonic The Hedgehog (Satam): The Animated MovieSonic and Sally
Sonic and the Secret ScrollsSonic the HedgehogSonic the Hedgehog/Voice Sounds
Sonic the Hedgehog and Metal Sonic the HedgehogSonja BallSpeed Buggy
SpyhogSticks the BadgerStone Gargoyles
Sub-SonicSuper SonicSuper pavel
Tails' Singing the Mobius SongTaj MowryTara Strong
Team SonicTechbotsTerrapods
The Demon In MeThe Doomsday ProjectThe Final Battle
The Floating IslandThe Freedom StormerThe Miracle That is Rouge
The Nasty HyenasThe Odd Couple/Ro-BeccaThe Royal Signet
The Time Has ComeThe VoidThe Willows in Winter
The Wind in the WillowsThere's A Monster Scarring EverybodyThomas the Tank Engine
Tikal the EchidnaTim CurryTime Stones
Tom KennyTyler Klause/Masked Rider ShadeUltra Sonic
Vector the CrocodileVickyVictor Love
Virtual Reality ShriekbotVoice ClipsVoid
Warp SonicWay Past CoolWe're All of Us Together
We're Be Friends ForeverWeaselsWeiss Schnee
Wendee LeeWhen Tails Met CreamWill Friedle
William WindomWorkerbotsWorking Together In Harmony
Zooey the Fox
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