Ixis Naugus

Full Name Ixis Naugus
Aliases Naugus
Species Unknown
Age Unknown
Occupation Sorcerer
Related To Unknown
Likes Sonic, King Acorn
Dislikes The Void, Robotnik
First Appearance The Void
Last Appearance The Doomsday Project

Ixis Naugus (voiced by Michael Bell) is an evil wizard who helped Dr. Robotnik take over Mobotropolis by giving him the means to change it into Robotropolis. At some unexplained point, Naugus discovered a portal to a dimension known as the Void. Being curious, he wanted to explore it. So he asked Robotnik to retrieve him when he was done. What Naugus should've known was that Robotnik betrayed him by sealing him away forever. Ten years later, he transported Princess Sally Acorn and Bunnie Rabbot into the void to lure Sonic inside. Knowing that Sonic would never help him, Naugus disguised himself as King Maximillian Acorn, and they both escaped. However, despite revealing his trickery to Sonic, Naugus admits that he's in his debt, so he allowed the hedgehog to rescue the real King Acorn and the others and transport them out from the Void. As Sonic races by to rescue the others, Naugus takes delight in torturing an arriving yet scared Robotnik by transforming his head into that of different animals, including a crow, a gorilla, a slug, and, his favorite, a pig. However, Naugus is shocked to realize that he's turning into crystal since he has been staying in the Void for far too long, which allowed Robotnik to escape. As soon as King Acorn returns, he is about to turn into a crystal too, and Naugus explains that he misunderstood the Void's properties, and that he and King Acorn must go back to the Void otherwise they will both die (since it is the only place where he can control it). After saying their goodbyes, Naugus and King Acorn return back to the Void, with Naugus shouting out to Robotnik that he will return.
Normal DoomsdayP287

Naugus' eyes.


  • At the end of the final episode, his pair of red, glowing eyes appeared in Snively's elevator. Sources confirmed that those eyes belong to Naugus. In what would've been the third season, Naugus would be the main antagonist after being freed by Snively from the Void, among with Robotnik and the king, and fight the Freedom Fighters.