Dulcy the Dragon

Dulcinea "Dulcy" Dragon (voiced by Cree Summer) was found by the Knothole Freedom Fighters some time between the first and second season. She is a tomboyishly beautiful and very rare type of dragon called the protector. She is the one of the last dragons on Mobius and constantly annoys Robotnik with her powers. She eventually discovered one other dragon and rescued her from Robotnik when she was mysteriously told to go to Dragon's Nest by her mother, Sabina, who is asumed to be roboticized. She is most known to crash when she lands and wears knee-pads to protect her knees from the fall. Like all dragons, Dulcy can breathe fire, but she can also breath ice from her nose. She can also blow strong gusts, but needs to take deep breaths. Dulcy can make herself fly faster by whipping her tail. She likes chocolate and the color purple but is claustrophobic or afraid of enclosed areas.



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