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Doctor Julian Robotnik
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Full Name Julian Robotnik
Aliases Robotnik, Robuttnik
Species Human
Age Unknown
Occupation Evil genius (deceased)
Related To Snively Robotnik
Likes Robots, world domination
Dislikes Freedom Fighters, Snively
First Appearance Heads or Tails
Last Appearance The Doomsday Project

Dr. Julian Robotnik, formerly Warlord Julian Kintobor (voiced by Jim Cummings) is the main antagonist of the series and the archnemesis of Sonic the Hedgehog. He is an evil dictator with a genius-level I.Q. whose goal is to conquer all of Mobius and rule it with an iron hand, literally. Ten years ago, Julian was a warlord appointed by King Acorn to lead the Royal Army against an invading horde from another land. After Julian led his troops to victory, the king announced that he would hold a reception banquet for Julian so that he would be appointed as a minister of science and have the peacekeeping SWATbots dismantled. However, Julian's dark intentions surfaced when he ordered his nephew Snively Kintobor and the newly reprogrammed SWATbots to invade Mobotropolis, starting with Castle Acorn. After placing the palace under siege, Julian spelled his name backwards, forever becoming known as Dr. Robotnik. He then proceeded to use his humongus airship called the Destroyer to transform Mobotropolis into Robotropolis. Robotnik ordered the SWATbots to capture 95% of the citizens (minus the Freedom Fighters and the refugees) and had them roboticized, along with Sir Charles Hedgehog, the machine's inventor. Robotnik then banished the king into the void. Robotnik later had his left arm accidentally roboticized by a timetravelling Sonic. After ten years of constantly losing to Sonic, Robotnik constructed the Doomsday Project to finally conquer Mobius. He needed the Deep Power Stones to complete his victory. But Sonic and Sally used the stones themselves to destroy the tower, causing Robotnik to escape, leaving Snively to die. In the aftermath, Robotnik disappeared without a trace.