Bunnie Rabbot
Meet Bunnie Satam

Full Name Bunnie Rabbot
Aliases Buns
Aunt Bunnie (by Tails)
Species Rabbit (Cyborg)
Age Unknown
Occupation Freedom Fighter
Related To Unknown
Likes Antoine
Sally (best friend)
Cream (big sister)
other Freedom Fighters
Dislikes Robotnik, Snively
First Appearance Heads or Tails
Last Appearance The Doomsday Project

Bunnie Rabbot (voiced by the late Christine Cavanaugh) and (Nancy Cartwright) is a sugary sweet and unbearably beautiful tomboy rabbit from Southern Mobius. She used to be a normal anthropomorphic rabbit until she was captured by Robotnik's SWATbots and put into the Roboticizer. She was almost completely turned into a robot until Sonic rescued her, rendering her left arm and both her legs mechanical, thus making her a cyborg. This proved to be Robotnik's mistake due to her having the strength of a robot, but the free will of a Mobian. She is now one of the strongest freedom fighters (besides Sonic and Dulcy) and has often been useful in field missions in Robotropolis.


Bunnie's appearance has been credited as one of the most unchanged appearances of all the Freedom Fighters. She is most recognized by her cybernetic parts and an ear flipped in front of her face. She wears a purplish-pink leotard as her only attire, whereas her Archie counterpart has a more cowboy look. Another difference between her and her Archie counterpart is her fur color being a dark gold where her fur was later changed to yellow in Archie. She has her eyelids colored a purplish-pink and wears dark brown eye shadow. She also has a small curl of hair on-top of her head and in-between her ears.


Bunnie and Antoine first saw each other (not at the same time) in issue #3 of Sonic the Hedgehog. In a later issue, she blushed when Antoine kissed her cheek when he knew she was secretly helping him on a mission in Robotropolis. Thus was the start of their relationship. In much later issues, Bunnie and Antoine were officially married.





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