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Antoine D'epardieu
Satam antoine.png

Full Name Antoine "D'Coolette" D'epardieu
Aliases Antoine, Ant'
Species French Coyote
Age 16 (presumably)
Occupation Freedom Fighter
Related To Unknown
Likes Princess Sally, neatness, his father, Bunnie
Dislikes Robotnik, Snively, Sonic (sometimes)
First Appearance Heads or Tails
Last Appearance The Doomsday Project

Antione D'epardieu, (first name pronounced "Ant-won") (voiced by Rob Paulsen and Phil Hayes as a child) Ant' to his friends, is a coyote from the French region.  According to Snively, Antoine was trained as a squire in the Delmont Province. He met Sonic and his friends who would become the Knothole Freedom Fighters at a young age. It was never clear how they got along with him. He claims that he is a royal guard of Castle Acorn, but when he even got the job is even less clear. Antoine is in love with Princess Sally Acorn, yet is jealous of Sonic the Hedgehog. The other Freedom Fighters, especially Sonic, would often get very mad at Antoine for screwing up their missions. He is best described in three words: cowardly, clumsy and conceited. Antoine would never put his life on the line, but he would do it for Sally. He and Sonic are more rivals than friends when it comes to Sally. One time, Antoine used a power ring to lure Dr. Robotnik into a deadly trap, but he failed and had to be rescued by everyone. Ro-Becca, one of Rotor's inventions, also fell in love with Antoine.

Antoine as a kid. Some things never change.





  • Antoine is not to be confused with his comic book counterpart, Antoine D'Coolette. Unlike his cartoon self, Antoine got more heroic in later issues, buries the hatchet with Sonic, fights using his sword (which breaks in two when it hits anything) and even marries Bunnie Rabbot.